About Our Shop

     Tex Sound LLC is our official name.  Based out of Atlanta Georgia, the name was recently changed in January 2020.  Previously under the name of Tex Sound Publishing LLC, we envisioned a company name that would encompass the joining of two completely different business. A uniuque place where you can buy one of a kind leather goods all while listening and discovering new local music.

     Tex Sound Publishing was founded in 2015.  TSP is our division that provides music publishing services such as online music distribution, artist showcase, royalty generation, EPK generation, and many other music related services.  

     Tex Sound Designs was founded in January 2020, and is our division that hand crafts custom leather goods.  Our humble workshop is located in Sugar Hill, Georgia.  At TSD, we strive to deliver the best quality handmade custom leather goods.  All of our products are made by a single craftsman thus giving each item a one of a kind quality.