Tex's Story

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     Aaron Eddy Gonzales aka Tex was born in Garden City, Kansas.  Raised in a musical family, he was destined to have a heart of music. Tex had many strong influences, of which the most influence came from his grandfather Pedro Ibarra Sr, his Father Eddy H. Gonzales aka El Tejano, and his mother Juanita Ibarra. All talented musicians in their own right. Tex's fondest memories where times he would listen to his grandfather practice in the garage, or tag along with his father to gigs. This is where his passion for Tejano music began. His eyes ever since were aimed at moving south to Texas so that he would be closer to the Tejano capital of the world.
     At the coming of age, he made his move and began his work.  Moving to Texas and Georgia, Tex began his studies in aviation and in his free time began crafting his skills in music. Years of work and dedication in school provided him with a successful career as an airline pilot.  Tex now had time to focus on the music in his heart. Tex began not only working on Tejano, but he also branched out into other genres. Enjoying and working on anything from R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Norteno, Etc. He began to experiment with writing, producing, edititing, and even directing several music videos for various artist. All this experience has lead to this very moment.
     In 2014, Tex decided it was time he created his own business called Tex Sound Publishing. He submitted Articles Of Organization under the legal name Tex Sound LLC in the state of Georgia.  He also affiliated as a music publisher with ASCAP and BMI, the two leading performance rights organizations. He then began seeking artits and began publishing music under the new company. His goal is to take his passion for music and his past experience, and try help other artist showcase their talents. By offering assistance in all aspects of the music industry from music showcase, promotions, networking, music placement, cd duplication, sales of merchandise, online MP3 sales, copyrighting and publishing. His desire is to work with artist to help them succeed and get the recognition they deserve. If you have a passion for music and want to take your career to another level, feel free to contact Tex. His desire is to be a part of your next music project. 

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