Our Services

$30 Annual Artist Page:
     This service is for a personalized artist page where you can showcase your music.  Your current social media outlets can be embedded into the site to ensure fans stay up to date.  Links to all your popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Reverbnation, I Tunes, Amazon, and all other major stores that sell your music will be linked.  The TSP web site is easy to navigate and share all content and is compaible both computer and all platforms of mobile devices. This service also includes a store front to sell digital merchandise such as MP3s/Pictures/Etc directly from the TSP page.  You keep 100% sales generated on TSP site. Physical merchandise can be sold as well but will require as upgrade in membership.  Your artist page will be shared and promoted by Tex on a regular basis. We will assist in distributing music tracks to many online radio stations and will help schedule radio interviews with stations at your request. Contact Tex for more info. (Terms: $30 a year and 100% digital sales goes to artist)
(Failure to pay annual fee within 7 days of invoice will result in a temporary page suspension)

$40 Annual Artist Page:
This service is the same as a $30 service but will include sales of physical merchandise. Tex Sound Publishing LLC will act as a distribution center and fulfill all orders of physical merchandise.  Artist will be responsible for sending and maintaining inventory for TSP to distribute when purchased.  (Terms: 70% artist 30% TSP split on all physical sales generated from web site)

$10 Photo Edit:
Need a quick photo edited for the web site or for personal use, we can suit your needs (Terms: $10 for basic photoshop work)

$20 Digital Poster Design: 
Have a gig and need a poster designed, supply a base image and we can help. (Terms: $20 / 24/36 hr turnaround)

$40 Logo Design:  Need a new logo for your band or business.  Supply the ideas and we will work to make it happen. (Terms 40 and turnaround depends on complexity)

The following services below are available and priced on an as needed basis.


CD Physical Duplication Services: Let us help you print physical copies of your cds.  Prices vary with choices of products (slim cases, jewel case, eco jackets)

Publishing & Distribution Services: Assign your copyrighted works to Tex Sound Publishing LLC. We will place the work in over 95 online stores and to our catalog and using our many contacts we will make every attempt to get your music the exposure it needs for sucess.  Artists retain 100% ownership of their music. Contact Tex for more details.

Copyright Assistance: Get assistance with submitting music to US Copyright office.

Cover Liscence Assistance:  Get assistance with obtaining a cover liscence to legally distribute your recording.


ASCAP Music Rights Registation: Let us submit your ASCAP membership application.


Disclaimer:  All artists showcased on Tex Sound Publishing retain 100% copyright to their own material and attest prior to joining they are the official copyright owners of all music, photos, and content displayed on their page.  Tex Sound Publishing's basic service provides help to expose and expand artists fan base and therefore is not responsible for individual copyright, or liscences of the artists material displayed.  Tex Sound Publishing does however make every attempt to ensure that all music placed on a page is being properly used  based on the artists claimed copyrights.   
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