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Thank you for visiting Tex Sound Publishing.  I am a music lover at heart and I am glad to share the same feeling with so many talented people in this world.  I have created this site for artist like you to broadcast your talent and  love for music.  I would love to be a part of your music projects.  No matter the task, I hope my services and site provides a unique platform to showcase all your talent and love for music.  This site isn't only for artist but it is also for music fans alike.  Please visit the artist pages and follow along with the latest from your favorite artists.  Enjoy listening and expanding your music selections with many new talents that are within the site.  Show support for these wonderful artist by purchasing their merchandise.  If nothing else, contributing to all the countless hours spent making such inspiring music would be greatly appreciated by each artist.  I hope you truly enjoy the music, and more importantly consider Tex Sound Publishing for your next music project.

God Bless,


"Your music is my passion"

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